Andre Nieri, Tom Quayle, Luca Mantovanelli, Jake Willson, Daniele Gottardo: Fusion Collab!

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Fusion guitar giants from across the globe unite in this ferocious collab solo. Filled with high octane legato, mind-boggling hybrid picking and a whole lot more soloing madness.
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Tom Quayle lights the fuse on the energetic track with his trademark brand of mind-blowing legato and killer phrasing. Jake then takes the torch, adds melody, brings in some big bends and throws in some whammy too. Then comes the curve ball. Daniele Gottardo goes inside and outside with key defying multi-finger tapping lines and slick intervallic runs.

Next is Luca Mantovanelli. Opening with a pick tapping lick and cheeky film reference, he unleashes an insane amount of legato and finishes things with some pretty wonky harmonics. Finishing things is Andre Nieri, who takes Luca’s shred vapour trail and adds in chromatics, slide-bends, sneaky taps and a whole load of hybrid picking.

Inside this pack, you’ll get the complete collab jam video/audio as well as the five solo sections. Each of the artists’ solos comes with video/audio, tab/notation and both solo length and extended backing tracks.

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Fusion Collab! (Andre Nieri, Tom Quayle, Luca Mantovanelli, Jake Willson, Daniele Gottardo)