Jamie Glaser: Willcox Guitars Atlantis HexFx and Roland GR-55

https://www.facebook.com/jamieglaserspage http://www.gotocyberschool.com {Willcox Guitars Atlantis Hexfx has no magnetic pickups so there is no noise, hum and natural sustain. Pairing the Atlantis Hex Fx and the Roland GR-55 Guitar synthesizer is the "perfect combo"}

The president of Willcox Guitars Rick Moore, sent me a wonderful gift..a Roland GR 55 Guitar Synthesizer. What I usually do when getting new music gear is compose something and force myself to read the manual so I can apply what I learn to a song.
My Willcox Atlantis hexfx and the Roland GR 55 is perfect and amazing together. EVERY sound except drums on this track is coming from my Willcox Atlantis Hex FX guitar and the Roland GR 55.I hope you all enjoy my birthday gift as much as I am. Please like, engage and let people know about Willcox Guitars and basses. I love their stuff. https://www.facebook.com/WillcoxGuitars
on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lightwavesy...

Translated titles:
Guitarras Willcox Atlantis HexFx y el guitarrista Roland GR-55 (The Perfect Combination) Jamie Glase

Willcox Guitars Atlantis HexFx und Roland GR-55 (The Perfect Combination) Gitarrist Jamie Glaser

Willcox Guitars Atlantis HexFx e Roland GR-55 (The Perfect Combination) guitarrista Jamie Glaser

Willcox Guitars Atlantis HexFx և Roland GR-55 (The Perfect Combination) կիթառահար ieեյմ

Willcox吉他Atlantis HexFx和Roland GR-55(完美结合)吉他手Jamie Glaser

Willcox Guitars Atlantis HexFx and Roland GR-55 ( The Perfect Combination) guitarist Jamie Glaser