Lucas Moscardini: (Vitalism) - Favela Solo

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Divebomb into the prog-metal world of Lucas Moscardini, a guitarist combining staccato rhythms with Latin inspired lead lines. Here, he takes you through the solo from the track “Favela”, taken from his progressive metal band Vitalism’s SY EP.

Learn with Lucas, as he breaks down every note of this solo with 40 minutes of detailed lessons across seven videos.

Tap-slides, sweep picking, dissonant double-stops, economy picking, massive bends and more are all covered in the solo and lessons. So not only will you be able to add these techniques to your arsenal, but with a whole host of licks to learn, you’ll have inspiration for your own ideas in the future too.

Includes the full solo in all its glory in both video and audio formats, plus seven slow solo sections; each accompanied by a detailed note-for-note video lesson where Lucas explains all of the licks and techniques used. Comes with complete tab/notation and backings.

Step into the shoes of a relentless prog-metal guitarist by taking on the climactic solo that crowns Favela, and learn a whole heap of essential tricks along the way.

N.B - Lucas plays a 7-string guitar here, but the solo is fully playable on a standard 6-string guitar.

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Lucas Moscardini (Vitalism) - Favela Solo

Lucas Moscardini - Learn to Play: Favela