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He started playing guitar at the age of eight and went to the United States in 1995 to LA Hollywood.
After returning to Japan, won prizes in numerous guitar contests.
In terms of play, Allan Holdsworth, Tim Miller, and TJHelmerich have a strong influence, and these difficult-to-finger players have a reputation worldwide for their high-accuracy transcription.
After switching from technical rock to jazz fusion style, he worked as a host band at the Berklee College of Music Professor Tiger Ogoshi (Tp) Ensemble Seminar and Onuma Yosuke Ensemble Seminar. Have earned.
Performed at Umbria Jazz, the largest jazz festival in 2019, and received praise from celebrities inside and outside the country.
In the album Ryo Miyachi and NATSUMI / "RNP" released in 2019, he has contributed to the album with a play style that plays against the participating guitarist Mei Inoue.
Currently Thailand is a guitarist living in Bangkok.

Worldwide Guitar Inc - Guitar Collaboration Project TL 2020
Gear : HX-Stomp, Steinberger Sprit

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