Allan Marcus: new Single Leap Year Baby - metal guitar guitar solo instrumental - in coming

Released as a follow up single to the first EP.
released March 6, 2020
Written, recorded, programmed, mixed and mastered by Allan C. Marcus at Bowerston Valley Recording Studios. Bowerston, OH USA.

Allan C. Marcus by Allan C. Marcus

1.Arachnida - Lycosidae 02:03
2.Arachnida - Latrodectus 03:51
3.Arachnida - Sparassidae 02:43
4.Missulena 02:28
5.Argiope Aurantia 02:47
6.Ctenizidae 02:30
7.Portia 02:26
8.Badumna Insignis 00:51
9.Loxosceles 03:28

My first 100% solo effort.
released February 11, 2020

Allan C. Marcus- All guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Synths. Engineered, Mixed and Mastered at Bowerston Valley Recording Studios. Bowerston OH

Thank you to Ola Strandberg and Edward Yoon at .strandberg* guitars, Kathleen King and Marciela Juarez at Seymour Duncan pickups, Mike Fortin at Fortin Amplification, Hughes and Kettner amplification, Mattias Eklund and Fredrik Thordendal at Toontrack, Guillaume Pille at Two Notes Audio Engineering, Chrys Johnson at Dunlop, Paul DeMaio, Sterling Ball, Ernie Ball, Noah Buchanan, Jason Frankhouser, Lyle Eboch, Laurie Monk at Truth in Shredding and whoever reads this. I could never have done this without you.