Jack Gardiner: Smooooth Neo-Soul Solo (I VI IV V backing)

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Jack Gardiner’s gigantic debut Masterclass crosses the divide between single line and chordal playing. This solo is over a I VI IV V backing and uses the ideas of the Masterclass. What a player.

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Blur the lines between chordal and single-line playing with Jack Gardiner’s debut Masterclass. In this massive collection of over 150 video files, you’ll learn to blend your lead and rhythm ideas together and then how to use what you’ve learnt in a musical context.

In this explorative Masterclass, Jack takes an in-depth look at intervals on the neck, the chord number system, CAGED chords and harmonising major and minor chords. He also explores a multitude of available chord shapes, constructing triads and tetrads (seventh chords) and how you can lay them out across the fretboard.

Download or stream to get over 90 minutes of lesson/breakdown videos, 25 exercises, 22 licks and 2 full solos all complete with backings and tab/notation.

Break the mysticism around this enchanting style of playing. No matter what type of guitarist you are, Jack’s Masterclass will give you the confidence and freedom to fuse rhythm guitar with all manner of soloing ideas.

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Jack Gardiner - Smooooth Neo-Soul Solo (I VI IV V backing)