Marc Pattison: announced as dead RIP

Marc Pattison: "I'm a driven man, armchair philosopher, humble servant of the universe, that no longer seeks approval."

Marc Pattison passed at 4pm, yesterday. Marc had a number of Heart issues and had suffered a heart attack several years ago. However, he suffered a massive stroke about one month ago and was hospitalised. He failed to recover and passed away yesterday. My best wishes and heartfelt condolences go out to family and friends. He was a very talented musician and guitar player.

His sister Penny Pattison: "Today the world lost one of the good guys. My brother Marc Pattison passed today at 4pm. He died peacefully and holding my hand. Marc was one of the most compassionate, open minded, talented, and funny guys on the planet and I am privileged to have had him as my brother and closest friend. My mother, Gisela Connelly and I are heartbroken, and we will miss him immensely, but we are strong and will get through this."

I will announce the details for his memorial service at a later date. Thank you all so much for all your prayers and support during these past weeks and the ones to come. ❤️"

Here is my favourite track


These are some of the albums:

Risen from the Ashes · Marc Pattison


Awaken The Dragon

The Inferno

Acoustic Afternoon

The Bionic Man

Digital Destination


  1. Love ya Marc. I miss you already. He was a prince of a guy and a mad talent all around. #RIP

  2. I wish I would have known you. I hear you were very nice and so talente . Your distant relative Shana (niece of Patti)

  3. Just found out the news today. Made me very sad. His music was my joy when internet was much new when you search guitar instrumentals in mp3. Love you guy . May you rest in peace.

  4. Your friends from the Teenage days in Celle / Germany were shocked about the news and it made us very sad!
    We keep the memories alive!
    Regards to Penny and Gisela,
    Norbert &Thomas


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