Anton Davidyants, Valeriy Stepanov: Self Portrait

I'm honored to present a new video that we did with my big bro Valeriy Stepanov​.
Here's a song called "Self Portrait" by the greatest Mike Mainieri. He performed it with Steps Ahead in 1986 in Tokio. I recently watched this concert again and couldn't resist to record this masterpiece! It's one of my favorite songs, really.
Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Also first i asked a drummer to record the song with me, but he couldn't. Then i thought why not to ask Valeriy to play drums? And i wasn't wrong :)
So he did an incredible job in my opinion - he played drums, keys, melodica and sang the theme a little bit. Also he mixed the sound and edited the video. What a guy!
And played on my favorite instruments too - Le Fay Pangton and Marleaux Soprano.

Anton Davidyants & Valeriy Stepanov - Self Portrait