Ben Woods: Awakening Within (Bulerias) Robots from Outer Spain - Nylocaster

"Awakening Within (Bulerias)" is the fifth video single from the (unreleased) Ben Woods album ROBOTS FROM OUTER SPAIN. Learn it on guitar with tabs/notation here: It is in the Flamenco song form and rhythm of Bulerias. Ben Woods - Nylocaster Guitars palmas, cajon and Drum programming Track listing: 1. Look, Up There! 2. Saucer Dance 3. Lazer Abduction 4. Decimate Survivors (Minor Alegrias) 5. Awakening Within (Bulerias) 6. Confrontation Terminus 7. Assimilation Concierto (Ode to Yngwie) 8. I am Gidgetron - Destroy All Planets (Verdiales) All music, artwork and Nylocaster guitars by Ben Woods Mastered by Bob Kowalski Animation by Dave Stabley The album is an experiment of Flamenco Guitar playing (but a nylon string stratocaster) and Metal Drums instead of the typical Flamenco percussion of palmas, cajon and zapateado. Some songs are rooted in the traditional Flamenco song forms, others not so much. Instrumental songs are difficult for me to title, hence the album concept tells a very short story with it's song titles; It's about an apocalyptic invasion, the main character being abducted, waking in the craft and fighting for life. Succumbing to defeat, he is then transformed and assimilated - becoming one of them, their leader and goes on to obliterate the universe. I painted the cover in the style of old school science fiction movie posters and book cover art. I'm fascinated with all kinds of illustration and especially vintage sci-fi! -Ben If you like this, please subscribe. Thank you :) I'm always uploading cool new content! Follow me @benwoodsguitar Guitar: Nylocaster® by Ben Woods Ben Woods - Awakening Within (Bulerias) Robots from Outer Spain - Nylocaster