Brad Bradbury: Moody Pink Floyd Backing Track In D Minor

Backing Track Starts at 1:14
It`s bad practice to compress your lead guitar signal, well someone forgot to tell David Gilmore, compress, then compress again, before you compress some more.

This jam track is in the key of D minor, but includes the chords G major and A major which should both be minor chords if in D minor, this is an example of modal interchange. Modal interchange is the practice of borrowing chords from the parallel key, in this case D major, so G minor becomes G major and A minor becomes A major. Improvising on guitar over these chords is just just a matter of switching to the parallel key so here you switch from the D minor scale to the D major scale.

I tried using this approach for the lead guitar on this backing track but it was sounding too jazzy so I stuck to D minor pentatonic most of the time and just used chord tones to introduce a stronger melody.

So have fun soloing with along with Pink Floyd on this backing track.

Moody Pink Floyd Backing Track In D Minor

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