Michael Abdow: Heavy Drifter (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"Heavy Drifter" is taken from Michael's fourth solo album HEART SIGNAL, released April 24, 2020.


Michael Abdow - guitars, keys
Tony Franklin - fretless bass
Shawn Deneault - drums

Heart Signal
by Michael Abdow

1.Weight Of The World
2.Heart Signal 04:49
3.We Live Here
4.Heavy Drifter
5.The Hand That Takes
6.Cherry Blossom Descent
7.Synthetic Origins
8.Nature Of Play

Heart Signal is the fourth studio album from guitarist/composer Michael Abdow. As the follow-up to E.S.O., it advances his in-depth compositional style and technicality while aiming to create a moment in each song that coincides with a specific philosophy. It is for both music lovers and guitar enthusiasts. The record was produced by Mike at the Heritage Room in Western Massachusetts and features fretless bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake) and drummer Shawn Deneault (Santa Mamba).
releases April 24, 2020

Michael Abdow - guitar, keys
Tony Franklin - fretless bass
Shawn Deneault - drums

Michael Abdow - Heavy Drifter (OFFICIAL VIDEO)