News: Fufux Challenge - Killer backing track to rip over - #fufuxchallenge #quarentinechallenge

Laurie Monk: If you add #fufuxchallenge #quarentinechallenge to your video I will check it out and post the best ones!

Hello everybody,
During this period of self isolation, quarantine, what ever you want to name it, I've decided to dig a backing track up for you.
It's the backing track I've made for the Tech that 2 trailer video.

Drums programming by Tom Gadonna
Mix and Master by Morgan Thomaso

It's quite simple; Download the track, record you playing on it and post the video on youtube with those hashtags in the name #fufuxchallenge #quarentinechallenge.

There is no rewards. Just the pleasure to change your mind during this tough period.

Here's the link of the backing track

#fufuxchallenge #quarentinechallenge