Richie Kotzen: "Devil's Hand" playing technique

3: 03: 0 [See the timetable for each example below.] In the May 2020 issue of Richie Kotzen's special feature, the most featured feature is the latest solo work “50 FOR 50”. In this video, Richie shows an improvisational demonstration on the backtrack of her favorite "Devil's Hand". In addition, he also contains commentary / demonstration of his unique playing technique that is often used. Many of the plays that are difficult to analyze just by listening to them are clearly shown through their own words, so fans who want to steal his skills are must see. 
0:07 ~ 0:57 Ex-A Ritchie's unique guitar “how to sing” using special vibrato 
1:20 ~ 1:36 Ex-B Pentatonic box positions are connected by slide
2:18 ~ 2: 26 Im-Phrase using Ex-C “Pivot” 1 
2:34 ~ 2:57 Ex-D Impro-Phrase using “Pivot” 2 
1:36 ~ 1:56 Ritchie style of Ex-E fusion approach Chord Arpeggio 2 
2:13 ~ 2:18 Ritchie Chord Arpeggio 3 with Ex-F Fusion Approach 
3:08 Play Concept 
3:44 Ex-1 ~ Ex-3 Legato 
5:02 Ex-4 ~ Ex-6 Pivot 
6:12 Ex-7 & Ex-8 Arpeggio 
7:12 Ending @RichieKotzenOfficial `` Devil's Hand '' MV Issue] Young Guitar May 2020 Issue: Amazon:

Richie Kotzen's "Devil's Hand" commentary! "Devil's Hand" playing technique

Richie Kotzen-Devil's Hand (Official Music Video)



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