Richie Kotzen: shows you 12 guitars of his long-time favorite

Speaking of Richie Kotzen, what guitar would it remind you of? Some people would say the Fender Japan Telecaster. His old fans since '80s would say the custom-made Ibanez RG with exciting graphic on it.

In this video, he shows you 12 important guitars on his life with intriguing episodes. Please enjoy.

Guitars on this video (in random order)
Fender Japan:
Richie Kotzen Signature Telecaster “TLR-RK”
Richie Kotzen Signature Stratocaster “STR-145RK”
Fender Custom Shop:
Richie Kotzen Custom Telecaster
Richie Kotzen Custom Stratocaster
Telecaster Thinline
Custom-made Telecaser
Ibanez: Richie Kotzen Custom-made RG
PRS Guitars: Custom 24
Yamaha: SG-2000
Gibson: L-1

Richie Kotzen shows you 12 guitars of his long-time favorite