Kelly Simonz: Future Destination

[Transcendental School] I value "basics" and "basics". In hard rock and heavy metal, it is a genre that tends to attract attention to "guitar solo", but if you do not have the "stable rhythm" common to all excellent guitar players, you cannot play cool solo. There are definitely many excellent players in my students based on many years of experience, it is definitely "experienced", and you can definitely learn lessons including "air feeling" unique to one-on-one that you can not get in the image I think it will lead to the improvement of skills. It's true that a shorter guitar history is easier to correct, but I think there are gaps between players of the same generation as me, but I think it will be about 30 years. But it's up to you to think it's too late. The lessons also require patience on the part of the teacher, so I'm prepared for that as well, so don't worry (laughs) I would like to help with your paradigm shift (destroy of stereotypes). For more information, please click here →

FUTURE DESTINATION [Transcendental School (Online)] We are recruiting students ☆ 彡