Valzore: Kadinja Solo Contest - Valzore

Small participation for the Kadinja Solo Contest! It's been a few months since I discovered them and I became a mega fan of Quentin Godet and Pierre Danel! Solo recorded live with the Neural DSP Archetype Plini plugin, this marvel of Kiesel Theos 7 and its new Dominger microphones, just monstrous! MY MUSIC & TABLATURES:
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MATOS: - Asleep by Savarez, what happiness! - Kiesel Theos 7 - Neural DSP Archetype Plini - Dominger Pickups Bucking Bull & Raw 7 - Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip Carbon Picks - Monster Cables - Focal Solo 6 - Focusrite 18i20 - GetGood Drums Modern & Massive / Invasion / Smash & Grab - Fabfilter - Logic Pro X - Canon 250D