Alex Hutchings: Beyond the Quay 2020 Alternate Take

Hey guys, Here’s an alternate take over the track Beyond the quay. Why not try playing along? the chords are displayed at the same time. Backing track available as well as lessons explaining approaching how to improvise on tracks with challenging changes and much much more. Available now.

There are transcriptions of 5 full length improvisations 100 lick videos with TAB and 15 lessons discussing various topic to help with improvising. Such as,
Learning the Major scale 3 note per string,
Melodic minor, Phrygian major, The beBop scale, ii-V-I’s, Modes, Enclosures, Diminished and Analysis videos breaking down the progressions of the 5 performance pieces.

All the very best everyone. 😎
BEYOND THE QUAY 2020 Alternate Take