Kurt Rosenwinkel: with Ozmosys at NAMM 2020

Drums and Vocals - Omar Haki
Keyboards - Rachel Z
Guitar - Kurt Rosenwinkel
Bass - Thaddaeus Tribbett

Ozmosys is the brainchild of drummer Omar Hakim (Daft Punk, David Bowie, Sting, Madonna and Weather Report) and his Wife Rachel Z (Wayne Shorter, Peter Gabriel, Steps Ahead, The Trio of OZ) that was formed in 2017. Joined by guitar genius Kurt Rosenwinkel and the powerful deep grooves of Linley Marthe (Zawinul Syndicate) on bass.They will be joined at NAMM 2020 by guest bassist Thaddaeus Tribbett!

Kurt Rosenwinkel with Ozmosys at NAMM 2020