Hyeonuk Jeong: Neko Hacker-Ambiguous Cyborg

I did collaboration with Neko Hacker!
It was a great honor and fun.
You can hear full version of this song on youtube and download the song for free!
Thank you!

Neko Hacker - 曖昧サイボーグ Official Guitar Solo Tabs : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vwqa7zhsp56l7p0/AAAD6Fdl1vr6PM3mYpVfbwURa?dl=0


You can download mp3 of music for free! : http://urx3.nu/TGr4

Neko Hacker-Ambiguous Cyborg MV: https://youtu.be/PJhF-fRr8VU

Also you can hear on Apple Music, Spotify

Music : @Neko Hacker
Vocals : @ugoku_zZ
Guitar Solo : @jungmato_kun

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Daw - Studio one 4
Guitar - Skervesen Raptor 7
Effect&Amp - Neural DSP Archetype Plini
Cabs Sim - GGD Studio Cabs Zilla

Neko Hacker-Ambiguous Cyborg (feat. Ugokchan & JungMato) [OFFICIAL GUITAR SOLO PLAYTHROUGH] + Tabs