Jarle H Olsen: Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute (feat. Matt Guillory)

When Yngwie Malmsteen first hit the scene back in the early 80s, there was no one even close to such technical brilliance and precision on the electric guitar. He is well known as the originator of the neo-classical shred genre and inspired generations of players, including myself.

I used to do various covers of his back in the late teens with a local band and decided to do an up to date tribute by performing his most iconic instrumental composition. This however is not an intention of replicating his tone, phrasing etc. but about playing "in the style of", with all due respect.

A BIG hand for Matt Guillory (Mogg/Way, James LaBrie etc.) for keyboard shreddery and Bjarte K. Helland for groovy drumming as always!


Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute (feat. Matt Guillory)