Nate Young: #AbasiNeuralContest

The reason there's faff at the start and end was to get the video up to 1:01 for IGTV, so sorry if that annoys you. Thanks for listening, I love Animals as Leaders, this song was always a favourite for me on this album just behind "The Brain Dance" and being given permission to write a solo for it like guitar karaoke is just awesome. I tried to write something that fits the song, I hope I did it justice.

I'm playing an Ormsby Goliath in copper red; Ormsby is an Australian guitar brand and these guitars have been amazing for me. It's super ergonomic and has helped immensely with back problems I've sustained through playing super strats with bad posture for half my life. I might look less cool but nothing is less cool than back pain. Anyways the guitar sounds amazing, I love the look, the multiscale is great for intonation and you should check out Ormsby if you're curious as they have other lines of guitars which are well crafted and look unique and interesting. The Goliath is the best guitar I've ever played (I have 2 of them and a third coming in November). Thanks Perry!

Abasi Neural DSP Contest 2020 - Nate Young #AbasiNeuralContest