Roy Marchbank: Shawn Lane - A Second Look

In this upcoming initial installment of the "Second Look" Series we analyse Shawn Lane with the multigenre composer and Fusion pioneer, Roy Marchbank. Premieres this weekend here on the Shawn Lane channel exclusively.
We will have a follow up Video and Podcast QnA session on The Mediocratics Radio channel with Roy and Crafton, so stay tuned for that.
We will announce the times here and on The Mediocratics website:
Find more of Roy's work on his website and Youtube channel.

Shawn Lane - A Second Look (Trailer One)

n this "Second Look" series we will explore the styles and techniques of many pioneer musicians, in hopes of extracting as much knowledge from the music itself that they have produced over the years.
Roy Marchbank produces the initial video breakdown and transcription for us and then we continue the discussion on The Mediocratics Radio and Podcast.
We begin this series on Shawn Lane in Honor of his memory.
We thank Vigier Guitars and Patrice Vigier for their assistance in this project.

Comment below any questions or suggestions for analysis. Use the community tab here on this channel to suggest which selections you would like Roy to analyze and we also have a Guestbook/Blog on The Mediocratics website for further discussion as well.
All questions will be addressed in the upcoming Podcast as we dive even deeper into this selection in person with Roy.

The PDF file of each piece of music Roy analyses and transcribes can be found on The Roy Marchbank Guitar website :
Please subscribe to Roy's Youtube channel as well here:

Shawn Lane - A Second Look Vol. 1 "Not Again - Solo Section"