Sanjay Kumar: Foi - This too shall pass (NEW SONG!)

Hey guys!
Here is a brand new track thats very special to me.
I have been contemplating about the fragility of life in general and how everything, good or bad (what we perceive of it anyway) all comes to an end at some point. I have started noticing that this very thought has been calming me down in some strange way, rather than the opposite these days. knowing that everything will end makes me see more value in everything I try to do and appreciate everything I do a lot more. I'm able to appreciate People, music, art etc a lot more and be a lot of more empathetic and be an observer and listen more than be stuck in stone with my views. Sigh! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the song! Sometimes ideas like these inspire song ideas for me. Would love to know what ideas inspire your art?
Comment and let me know!
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Foi - This too shall pass (NEW SONG!)