Igor Paspalj: Alternate Speed Picking SHRED Etude

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Also available as a Bootcamp Online Course with feedback DIRECTLY from Igor.

This etude is designed to bring together some of the ideas within the intermediate Masterclass. That shred-o-meter is in trouble if he goes any faster...

In the Masterclass, you'll learn to blast up and down the fretboard at breakneck speeds. A righteous rollercoaster of next level playing.

@Igor Paspalj ๐Ÿ™

Includes 30 exercises, 15 licks, 2 solo etudes, backings, PDF study guide and full tab/notation.

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Igor Paspalj - Alternate Speed Picking SHRED Etude

Igor Paspalj - Speed Picking Masterclass - vol.2 - Intermidiate level - JTC Guitar