Matteo Mancuso: Boundless Modern Fusion Guitar

The name Matteo Mancuso synonymous with virtuosity and modern fusion Guitar! Hailing from Palermo Sicily, Matteo has taken social media by storm with his incredible guitar playing. One of the most obviously unique things about him is that he plays with both rest stroke and free stroke. He is also An incredible jazz improviser! Finger tapping is seamlessly intertwined with his incredibly clean expressive playing. He seems to be boundless in his ability to play whatever he wants to. There is no doubt that he is one of the top modern fusion guitarist on the scene today. In the past there has been a lot of controversy over rest stroke vs free stroke. In this interview you will learn exactly how Matteo integrates both of these approaches flawlessly. This Is indeed a jazz guitar tutorial of sorts, because after watching this you will better understand Matteo's thought processes. With hope you'll have a good bit of information and inspiration to battle on forward!

Matteo Mancuso | Boundless Modern Fusion Guitar