Thodoris Kotsifas, Jim Politis, George Stavroulakis: Atavachron3 - Water on the Brain pt. II (Allan Holdsworth)

The unreal Allan Holdsworth; that is how guitarists of all genres refer to the man that changed guitar as we knew it. Two years after his death, three guitarists join forces to pay homage to the genius of Allan Holdsworth, playing over one of his compositions called "Water on the Brain pt. II".

As Pat Metheny said, "I totally agree that Allan is one of the greatest guitarists ever - his work on the mid-70's Tony Williams records was revolutionary and changed everything for guitarists everywhere. It is a real mystery to me why he is not a household name. but it really doesn't matter, his contribution is large and I think all musicians know it."​​​

Atavachron3 are:
Thodoris Kotsifas: electric guitar
Jim Politis: electric guitar
George Stavroulakis: electric guitar and guitar synth
Panagiotis Bourazanis: electric bass
Panos Vassilopoulos: drums

Performed and recorded at Oxyzed Studios, Maroussi, Greece. All sounds have been played live.

Video production: Panos Vassilopoulos
Video editing: Panos Vassilopoulos, George Stavroulakis
Sound engineering: Angelos Politis

Mixed by Angelos Politis and George Stavroulakis
Mastered by Angelos Politis
Produced by Atavachron3

Thodoris Kotsifas is sponsored by Phos Guitars and Pure Tone Amps
Jim Politis is sponsored by RMacoustics preamps, Schertler amps and Sigletos acoustic guitars
George Stavroulakis is sponsored by Amelia's Compass
Panos Vassilopoulos is sponsored by SABIAN cymbals and Gabriel Drums
Panagiotis Bourazanis is sponsored by Gamma Guitars Workshop, Odyssey Basses and Tsakalis Audioworks

Atavachron3 - Water on the Brain pt. II (Allan Holdsworth)


  1. Oh that was gooood. The best version of on the brain I've heard yet.


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