Edoardo Taddei: The Veil (Official Video)

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I use Ibanez guitars, Reference Cables, Black kat guitar devices and Dogal Strings

Line up:
Edoardo Taddei Guitars
David Folchitto Drums
Marco Mastrobuono Bass
Paolo Campitelli Keyboards

Recorded at Kick recording studio by Marco Mastrobuono

Video by
SANDA movies
Martina L. McLean
Giulio Belviso
Matteo Maria Migliardi
Flavio Cicconi "Wrathchild"

Edoardo Taddei - The Veil (Official Video)

QUICK LICK | Frank Gambale/ Jason Becker sweeping madness | Edoardo Taddei

Estathè lick - modern fusion legato phrases - Edoardo Taddei