Eelco van Zanten: Zoek - Very-Much-Incredibly-Official Video

Here's another preview song, with another accompanying & this time even extremely official video, courtesy of the Lemmings i was killing the other day, don't worry i saved them in the end (spoiler alert, oh no.. too late).
'The Spectrum Of A Reality' will be my fourth instrumental guitarmusic album, and will be available EVERYWHERE 11/11/2021!
Yea, you read it very alright: available EVERYWHERE.
All links EZ can be found here: (and also: EVERYWHERE)
Enjoy the music if u do & wishing you and yours a great day!
No matter what the date, the place, the time :) Cheeers EZ

Eelco van Zanten - Zoek - Very-Much-Incredibly-Official Video