Hanako Fujiwara: Tsuisoressha + Naked bird - Octaviagrace live 2021

Tsuisoressha music: hanako lyric: Really nothing, only silence lies, I remember you on such a night, the last promise that was worn out without fulfilling, and your last words still do not stop ringing Hands and hands Yes, but we didn't know how to unwind, and if something else was different, we could be separated more easily. I wonder if I was like two people snuggling up to each other The lie I vomit I'm sure you knew that you killed everything and laughed? The time of the meeting has passed and the night that hangs down dyes everything The sound of the needles that carve into the silence If you notice, I've already started running The bell of the last train echoes I can't find the familiar figure anywhere, you should still be waiting I knew that there was no such thing, but the long black hair that I saw through the window The wheels robbed me of the screaming voice The last train took you and ran through to a place I couldn't catch up with Stack up and go to the night

【Live】追想列車-Octaviagrace 【2021/0517】

【Live】Naked bird - Octaviagrace【2021/05/17】