Tosin Abasi: Guitar Masterclass

This is completely different from my usual content. Here is a masterclass that I shot in a previous job that I had.
As we are all guitarists here, I thought some of you would be interested in this full masterclass of Tosin Abasi, with performances of Kascade, The Woven Web, and Wave of Babies.

The mix was recorded live so please forgive any audio issues. You can see Tosin tweaking his levels in the first part of the masterclass. He was playing along to Animals as Leaders tracks and wasn't miming, before the sretah start commenting.


00:00 Kascade
05:27 Wave of Babies
11:11 Abasi 8-String Guitar Tuning Explained
12:10 Animals as Leaders Origins
13:06 Tosin's Approach to Theory
18:53 Selective Picking
21:06 Exploratory Practise
21:56 Designing Practises for your Weaknesses
23:17 Writing Chord Progressions
28:09 Getting Good Technique
30:06 Percussive Thumb Technique Explained
35:04 Classical Guitar Influence
36:34 Musical Influences
37:54 The Woven Web
41:40 Overcoming Writer's Block
44:54 Hybrid Picking
45:49 Swybrid Picking
48:27 Abasi Guitars
51:36 Improvising over Chords
01:02:06 More Techniques?

Tosin Abasi Full Guitar Masterclass