Roberta Meneghin, Federica Arreghini, Chiara Mascetti: Wicked Asylum"Kintsugi" and crowdfunding! incoming

Wicked Asylum is returning with a new album titled "Kintsugi" and the band in this regard issued this statement "the new album is the natural growth from Out of the Mist. It will tear you apart for you to rebuild yourselves."

"Kintsugi" is being produced at Twilight Studio in Senago by Davide Tavecchia and Wicked Asylum still report that "it represents a journey inside the desolation of the human mind, the strength to fight back and the importance of human relationships; it is a challenge against oneself and it is a desperate cry against the loneliness of pain. We want to take you by the hand and lead you with us on this winding path, certain that it can enrich you and accompany you on your personal journeys."

For the occasion you can pre-order this new work thanks to a two-month crowdfunding campaign, through which you can secure exclusive gadgets made especially for the new release.


Wicked Asylum line up

Roberta “Freyja” Meneghin - guitar

Federica Luna Arreghini – lead guitar

Veronica “Wicked Banshee” - vocals

Viola “Cioppa” Fai - drums

Chiara Mascetti - bass