Virgil Donati, Simon Hosford, Phil Turcio: On The Virg Live in 2012 + Virgil Donati Throwback Thursday From the MI Library

Click "SHOW MORE" just below for indexed song chapters and more info... This very special reunion concert was recorded in 2012 for the 20th Anniversary of the "Australian Ultimate Drummers Weekend". It was the first time we had played together in over 12 years. Crank it up and enjoy! ūü§ė

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Song index:

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:37 Desert Girl (Donati) 0:07:00 Malfunction (Hosford, Donati)
0:12:36 band introductions
+ 0:13:38 Kingdom Of Dreams (Donati)
0:23:40 Eleven (Donati)
0:29:40 Trencherman (Turcio, Donati)
0:36:19 Dragonbones (Turcio, Donati, Hosford)
0:40:40 Eternity (Turcio)
0:47:55 Red Air (Donati)
0:54:08 In This Life (Donati)
1:03:41 Pyramids On Mars (Turcio, Hosford, Donati)
1:09:52 Rhythm 7/13 (drum and bass duet)
1:15:06 Me, Myself I (Virgil's solo)
1:22:19 The Thinking Stone (Donati)
1:30:03 Running From The Aliens (Turcio)
1:35:30 ENCORE - Alien Hip Hop (Donati)
1:44:41 Credits

VIRGIL DONATI | ON THE VIRG live in 2012 - full concert | SIMON HOSFORD

Virgil Donati Throwback Thursday From the MI Library