Paul Gilbert,Andy Timmons: Choppin’ Riffs, Trading Tales & Gear Galore

By complete chance, two bona fide guitar icons’ respective excursions to Sweetwater HQ overlapped: Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons. Only at Sweetwater, right? These two legends decided to hop into one of our studios — guitar and gear in tow — to trade stories, licks, and riffs, as well as geek out about all things gear. Check out Paul and Andy chopping it up!

00:00 — Intro
00:44 — Paul’s Alternate Melodic Direction
02:16 — Friendly Jam in A
04:33 — Stairway?
06:50 — I Can’t Wait Much Longer
10:36 — Time and Feel
11:58 — Blues V Chord
13:46 — Important to Sing
14:55 — Scat Blues
18:27 — Dominant Chord Tritone Songs
20:24 — Paul’s Major Blues Lick
21:55 — Steal Licks from Singers
23:04 — Paul’s Chord Progression
24:50 — How to Signal a Major Chord
26:11 — Light My Fire

Riffin’ with Paul Gilbert Andy Timmons: Choppin’ Riffs, Trading Tales Gear Galore