Irene Ketikidi: Likewise

Welcome to my latest playthrough video, a small way to show my appreciation and thanks for watching our live performance video over 500,000 times.. still feels surreal. ūüß° The song I'm playing here is from my debut album and it's Lydian all over :) Enjoy and share with your friends!

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Track: "Likewise"
Album: "Martial Arts Magic Tricks"
Filmed by ūüé• Cristina Alossi
Audio mastered by Kyriakos Asteriou
Location ūüďć Spirtokouto bar (Athens)
Many thanks to Nick Kypraios for having us at his beautiful space and making us feel so welcome. Give them a follow ➡️

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Gear used: @XoticUs BB MB,@TsakalisAudioworks Six, @strymon Timeline, @strymon Iridium, @fender Tele Deluxe, @rotosound_uk strings, @Klotz-ais cables

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Irene Ketikidi - Likewise