Alex Hutchings: A minor Sweep Practice... what do you want to see?

There are hundreds of clips I've recorded over the years that I've never posted because I made 1 little slip up or something. Because of my desire to keep it 100% authentic I would simply disregard them rather than 'fix' them. That being said over time I'm realising more and more that this has so quickly become the 'norm' and quite often it seems many are even miming to their perfectly recorded solos or at the very least fixing multiple parts... I'm interested in your thoughts on this..... Is it right or wrong, ok or not? whats acceptable?

Again there's nothing wrong with it really i suppose, but, I think surely there has to be a point where it becomes disingenuous? I don't know? 🤷🏻‍♂️
In this video I slipped on 1 fret near the end and so easily could've 'fixed' it, after all it was but a split second but, as mentioned it's something I'm very uncomfortable doing so would rather not use it....even thought the other 99% of the video was fine. I have hours and hours of footage I've not used like this..... and probably a lot of it I wouldn't even hear or notice the 'mistake' that bothered me at the time...

Perhaps for the sake of efficiency I should be more easy going about this and out put a lot more ? Or should I keep my militant stance on 100% authenticity but upload less...? Just interested on other peoples take on this..... I think this is why I'm such a nightmare in the studio.... I'm basically never happy with anything.... So in short I think I need to just chill out and probably find a middle ground. 😂
What do you think?
Anyway cheers for now and catch you on the next one. 👍 🎸 🙏
A minor Sweep Practice - please read description