Veronika Revolt: Creeping Death on 7 + Supermassive Black Hole

Hi! My name is Veronika, I’m happy to see you on my channel 🫶🏻 I decided to make this video once I bought the 7 string guitar and tried to play the main riff on it. I was very impressed by result I had and it inspired me to rearrange this awesome song! All the arrangement here is made by me, I work in Logic Pro X. I wrote drums, bass, choir and guitar myself. So I recorded the guitar myself by one shot! Please give thumbs up to this video and subscribe for downstroke in 217 bpm😵‍💫 I almost died while playing it🤣 I hope you will like my version of Creeping Death and I hope you will subscribe and stay with me❤️ Thanks for reading ❤️ P.S. Do you like my KFC chicken costume?😂😂😂

What if Metallica made Creeping Death on 7 string guitar nowadays?

Supermassive Black Hole but with a Nu Metal flavour