James Hogan: tales of blue jazz fusion

His CD "True Diversity" is now available from Guitar9

First published

Another recent find on my journey of guitar discovery. James Hogan is a rounded player fusing jazz, metal, country, and blues phrasing, in his own improvisational style. He is a professional musician performing, recording, and teaching.

James has performed, and recorded with a wide array of artists. Some of those including other Guitar virtuosos Barry Greene, Terry Syrek and Dave Martone. He has also undertaken a great deal of studio work with well known artists.

His "True Diversity" CD is totally reflective of his musical aspirations, distilling the jazz fusion and country stylings. He is definately a cut above the average and well worth a listen.

Check out his web site for a complete bio. You can also listen to tracks from his "True Diversity"CD at his online store or buy the CD from CD Baby.