Eric Glass: enders game

I'll let Eric tell you a bit about himself...
Eric Glass has enjoyed a career that has spanned movies, television, theater, infomercials, and one small play featuring his infamous portrayal of Macbeth staged entirely under water. Well, he did do everything but the movies, television, theater and infomercial stuff.

Glass spent the first 7 years of his life known as "The Lizard Boy" in a traveling circus freak show. One night, after a show outside Ely, Nevada, he was abducted by the government and taken to the Area 51 Facilities. Glass cannot recall the next several years. But somewhere around age 11, he found himself in a field and hitchhiked to Las Vegas. It was there that Glass, whose lifelong dream it had been to teach the hearing impaired how to jumprope, found his calling.

Glass bought his first guitar from the money he made running numbers for the Las Vegas mob, and taught himself how to play through a mail correspondence course. At the age of 14, he sold everything but his small goat herd and moved to Los Angeles. After a stint at an exclusive rehab clinic to beat a debilitating addiction to Pop-Tarts, Glass purchased a family and settled down. He now spends his days plowing his small, experimental soybean farm. Glass is also a former elevator operator and aspiring underwear model.

Turn-ons: Large, crispy bowls of Captain Crunch

Turn-offs: Small, soggy bowls of Captain Crunch

Favorite weapon of mass destruction: Dijon mustard gas

Hobbies: Soybean farming, torte reform, amateur mammography

Favorite Sitcom Name: Weezie from "The Jeffersons"

Biggest mistake: Caught up briefly in some pyramid scam involving solar panels.

Favorite element on periodic table: Boron

If your amused and interested check out his music, sounclick site and find out the reason he became Guitar War winner 2005