Anthony Phillips: geese and ghost deluxe

Moe time travelling, this time Anthony Phillips Gees and The Ghost Deluxe Edition Details. In 1977 the former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips released his debut solo album. In reality Ant had been working on the album almost from the minute he had left Genesis in late 1970 following the release of the Trespass album. The album The Geese and The Ghost featured Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins. The album was a beautiful acoustic based progressive rock album and in 2008 the album will be released in expanded format with a second disc of previously unreleased tracks recorded at the sessions alongside the original album including a previously unreleased version of Silver Song originally recorded in 1973 as a single featuring Phil Collins on vocals.

Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost (part 1)

Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost (part 2)

Disc One
1. Wind Tales
2. Which Way The Wind Blows
3. Henry; Portraits Of Tudor Times
4. God If I Saw Her Now
5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud
6. The Geese and The Ghost
7. Collections
8. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West

Disc Two
1. Master Of Time (Demo)
2. Title Inspiration
3. The Geese and The Ghost
4. Collections (Link)
5. Which Way The Wind Blows(Basic Track)
6. Silver Song (Geese Sessions)
7. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times (Basic Track)
8. Collections (Demo)
9. The Geese and The Ghost (Basic Track)
10. God If I Saw Her Now (Basic Track)
11. Sleepfall (Basic Track)
12. Silver Song(Unreleased 1973 Single Version)