Miguel Garcia: keys to heaven

Fans of shred keyboard will no doubt be pleased to know there is another player on the scene to wet your appetite.

Miguel Garcia - Elements Promo Video!

Promotional video of my solo album, Elements, coming out in September/October 2008, and which features:
David Valdes www.davidvaldes.net
Silvio Gazquez www.myspace.com/silviogazquez
Victor de Andres www.victordeandres.com
David Luis www.myspace.com/ultramelodic
Paco Hernandez www.myspace.com/pacohrguitar
Ricardo Walls www.myspace.com/guitarwalls
Angel Ruiz www.myspace.com/angelruiz1
Belial Baez: www.myspace.com/belialbaez

Artwork by David Luis
Promo video by Diego Godoy http://www.myspace.com/diegoguitarshred

Classical, jazz fusion, neoclassical metal, progressive metal...

Miguel Garcia - Dreamland Improvisation

Miguel Garcia - Keyboard Improvisation

Miguel Garcia - Keyboard Improvisation II

Miguel Garcia was born the 16th of August 1991 in Luxembourg. He is Spanish by decent. Miguel Garcia has been playing the piano since he was 6 years old in the Luxembourg Conservatoire, also having studied Musical Theory, Harmony, Violin, Organ.

Apart from my classical career, he is also involved in numerous progressive metal, neoclassical metal, jazz, jazz fusion projects. He also has a progressive metal band with Spanish guitar master Paco Hernandez www.myspace.com/pacohrguitar, called Chronos Alive.