Charly Sahona: venturia sophomore release

Venturia sophomore release, featuring Charly Sahona, entitled Hybrid with DVD available at guitar9

guitar 9 says:
Venturia released one of the hottest debuts of recent years with 2006's "The New Kingdom". Now the band has returned with another masterwork in Hybrid With DVD (the first pressing containing a bonus DVD). Building upon the unique sound heard on their debut, "Hybrid" is a fitting title for the numerous sounds that make up the Venturia sound in 2008. Hybrid With DVD sees Venturia's music sounding even more modern, veering away from classical prog metal edge heard on the debut and delving into new territories. The majority of the change can be heard on the new songs arrangements with the addition of some ambient guitars and keyboards being treated in a trip-hop and electronic music style. The balance between the male vocals of Marc Ferreira and female vocals of Lydie Robin are now equal and Hybrid saw Lydie involved in the writing of the lyrics for the first time. The amazing musicianship of Charly Sahona, Thomas James and Diego Rapacchietti is once again something to behold with the final sound being a blend between metal, prog, pop, classical, electronic music and the technical parts are even crazier.

Track listing
05:44 Swearing Lies
04:22 Be The One
05:21 Running Blind
04:07 Pearls Of Dawn
04:12 Will You Save Me?
05:11 Sparkling Rain
03:52 Hottest Ticket In Town
05:54 Love Gamers
05:52 Why?/This Women's Life
09:35 Sublimated Dementia