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Guitar Center Sessions Presents: An Evening of Dialogue and Music with Guitar Legend Dick Dale. Legendary Guitarist Brings Historic Perspective and Insight to Guitar Center’s Ongoing Mentoring and Networking Series.

February 20, 2008, Westlake Village, CA – Guitar Center is pleased to announce the next installment of Guitar Center Sessions: An Evening of Dialogue and Music with guitar legend Dick Dale. Scheduled for Thursday, March 5 at the Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, CA, the evening will focus on Dale’s historic role in the evolution of rock guitar, the secrets behind his technique, and his long-standing relationship with Fender® Musical Instruments. Presented in conjuncture with Fender® Musical Instruments and Dean Markey, the event is free and open to the public.

Known worldwide as the “King of the Surf Guitar,” Dick Dale will be forever known as the man behind the epic instrumental, “Miserlou.” Dale is largely credited as having “invented” surf guitar, launching an entire genre of American music. His first full-length album, Surfer’s Choice (Deltone Records, 1962), recorded with his band The Del-Tones, led to frequent appearances in movies and on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” A pioneer known for his technical achievements, Dale introduced the modern reverb which would give the guitar a wet splashy sound along with his trademark machine-gun-style tremolo picking – both trademark elements of the California sound. Dale also served as co-designer to Leo Fender when, after having been asked to test drive one of the first Fender® Stratocaster® guitars and some new amps and speakers, the artist blew through several dozen amps and speakers that literally caught on fire from his playing. The resulting partnership led to the creation of a super-powered line of Fender® gear, sparking a revolution in live and recorded pop music in the 50s and 60s that is still influential today.

Guitar Center’s mission is to provide aspiring musicians of every playing style and background with support-based programs that vastly improve their potential for becoming successful professional musicians. Designed to provide informative, provocative conversation and hands-on tutorials, Guitar Center Sessions serves as an incubator for musicians, providing them an opportunity to network with their peers in an intimate setting and gain career-fostering advice from their heroes. Past Guitar Center Sessions have featured music legends such as Slash, RZA, Pete Rock, Dave Mustaine and Joe Satriani. Other Guitar Center programs designed to foster up-and-coming musicians include Guitar Center’s Drum-Off , the world’s largest drum competition, and Guitar Center On-Stage, a program developed to organically scout and launch unsigned artists by providing career altering opportunities through partnerships with some of the world’s greatest artists.

Join us as the legendary Dick Dale shares experiences and insights from his distinguished career.

Thursday, March 5 @ 7 pm

Guitar Center Fountain Valley

18361 Euclid St.

(714) 241-8186

Free to the public. Limited capacity.