Marcel Coenen: lighiting up new cd osv II - second thoughts

Second Thoughts:
14 Blazing tracks of Virtuoso guitar playing over Dynamic Progressive Songs Featuring Jonas Tamas, Agah Bahari, Borge Olsen and guest solos from Marcel Coenen.put on your seatbelt. Dynamic Song Writing featuring some of the best guitarist on the planet! OSV- Gary Oppert - Drums / Steve Sexton - Bass / Brandon Vaughn - keys/guitars / Featured Guitarists: Jonas Tamas / Agah Bahari / Marcel Coenen / Boerge Olzen OSV "Second Thoughts" consist of 14 BLAZING tracks of Wide Open Guitar Virtuosity!! Put on your seatbelt and give it a listen!!

1 Desperate Measures
2 Turning Back
3 Nothing Lost
4 Atmospheric Adjustments
5 Eternal Passage
6 Still Voice
7 Critical Mass
8 Seasons and Sacrifice
9 Divine Intervention
10 Parallax
11 Sign Of The Times
12 From Wayward Days
13 The Passing
14 Before The Dawn

Don't forget the awesome first CD: OSV: Mission One featuring Mathias Holm and Paco Hernandez.