Marcus Jidell: royal hunt collision course - paradox 2

The Making of Collision Course - Paradox 2... Awesome Mark Boals! This sounds good to me on an AOR sort of way... While the band is about to get ready to record their new album, we can as well entertain you a little and let you take a peek “inside” by assembling some of the footage filmed during the recordings of RH´s latest release to date – “Collision Course–Paradox II” – into a video clip...



Marcus Jidell was born In Stockholm on September 11th. Raised in a big family where everybody played music, it came natural to him to start playing an instrument himself, so he picked up cello at the age of 8. A bit later he had been chosen to be a member of the Stockholm Opera children’s choir as well. Marcus was about 14 when he fell in love with the sound of electric guitar - after listening to albums by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. Promptly he locked himself in the cellar in his parent’s house during his entire teen years... to practice. At the age of 19 he joined his first metal band “Jekyll & Hyde”, recorded three albums with them and did a long string of shows. Since then he has been recording / touring with different artists, such as Bruce Kulik (KISS), Meja and The Ring, doing studio sessions and crafting his chops. When Marcus heard about the opening in ROYAL HUNT in November 2004, he immediately saw the possibility to unfold his creativity in such a diverse musical environment... a couple of months later he was heading for the NorthPoint Studio in Denmark to record his first album with ROYAL HUNT – Paper Blood. His understanding of ROYAL HUNT’s complexity to play, yet simple to sing-along compositions, brings the band lavish guitar solos and solid rhythms.

Royal Hunt - Exit Wound