News: guitar idol voting compared to youtube statistics

I thought I would have a look at the current top 5 as I type. There is a lot of negative comment going on on youtube for the top 3 artists, with people accusing others of cheating etc... so no change from last years guitar idol then... more interesting to me are the number of times favourites and the number of times the video has been rated and the total over all views.

Unfortunately you can get access to the actual video stats as this would also indicate how well a video performs, if people actually watch the video to the end. Here is an example of Daniele Gottardo's Rock Fusion video which has the highest watched ratings of all my videos. Notice how people watch to the end or start in the middle to watch the end:

[click for full view]

Faraz Anwar

YouTube rating: 69 ratings 4 star
YouTube views:7,317 views
YouTube Favorited: 36 favourited
YouTube comments: 62

guitar idol votes: 546
YouTube views: 952
YouTube rating: 4 stars from 4 ratings
YouTube comments: 4
YouTube Favorited: 2 times

Benjamin Teacher

guitar idol votes: 514
YouTube views: 2440
YouTube rating: 3.5 stars from 27 ratings
YouTube comments: 15
YouTube Favorited: 9 times

Alexandros Tefarikis

guitar idol votes: 502
YouTube views: 6023
YouTube rating: 4.5 stars from 51 ratings
YouTube comments: 42
YouTube Favorited: 24 times

Hedras Ramos

guitar idol votes: 472
YouTube views: 1955
YouTube rating: 5 stars from 52 ratings
YouTube comments: 51
YouTube Favorited: 26 times

Daniel Realpe

guitar idol votes: 419
YouTube views: 1955
YouTube rating: 4.5 stars from 28 ratings
YouTube comments: 24
YouTube Favorited: 6 times

As these are the top 5 I thought I'd compare the statistics with a number of 2008 finalists to see if there was any relationship between the votes and YouTube statistics. My finders are not scientifically conclusive, but anecdotally indicates to me that the over all voting in the final may not be fully indicative of the actual quality of players... If I had time it would be good to review some more. Fortunately there is a guitar panel who select the majority of finalists, so hopefully any anomaly will be ironed out.

Muris Varajic

guitar idol votes: 329
YouTube views: 28208
YouTube rating: 5 stars from 309 ratings
YouTube comments: 320
YouTube Favorited: 273 times

Marc Playle

guitar idol votes: 224
YouTube views: 2789
YouTube rating: 5 stars from 35 ratings
YouTube comments: 27
YouTube Favorited: 27 times

Daniele Gottardo

guitar idol votes: 97
YouTube views: 19368
YouTube rating: 5 stars from 251 ratings
YouTube comments: 223
YouTube Favorited: 256 times