Karl Bourdin: KB new cd twelve ways to warm up your days

KB has a new CD out entitled "Twelves ways to warm up yours days".

Sunny Day (4'16)
As Far As The Eyes Can See (4'43)
Rosco's New Boots (3'36)
Endless Tears (1'03)
Electronics For Dogs (4'57)
Engine Room (3'40)
West Wham (3'33)
Secret Yard (4'49)
Move On (3'30)
Breathing (vocal Version) (3'20)
La Folie Des Grandeurs (2'52)
Mosquito's Buzz (engine Room Remix) (3'09)
Breathing (instrumental Version) (3'20)

KB says:
My first CD "Twelves ways to warm up yours days" is available now at the KB Official Music Store for 8 euros with Paypal, at Brennus Music for 14 euros (without shipping costs), and on different internet music site (I tunes, Fnac, VirginMega, E-music,
MSN Music, Rhapsody....).

To get a signed CD for only 10 euros (without shipping costs) send me an email at kbguitarproject@yahoo.com.

online shop
brennus music

FREE guitar tabs, extract from my first CD, are available on my myspace page at www.myspace.com/kbguitarproject.

You can send me your photo with my CD, to be placed on my myspace page.