News: wild guitar looking for players to promote

Hey guys ... as most of you already know by now... I recently started out a new website called ... but I'm only able to make like 1 video a week ... so recently I started out getting other people... so far it's been a few players I knew from youtube of them is Matt, a 18 year old kid with jem .. he's got a nice little pentatonic lesson in the site ... and I'm trying to get a few more guys ... But I don't think I can find better player than in JP forum... I've personally had many many many monthly jams over here... and everyone of them kicked ass ... So I was just wonderin if anyone would be interested in submittin some videos to my site ... Can't really offer to pay you or anything .. but there's not much restriction like having a neat background or stuff like that .. as long as it's audible and kicks ass it's fine with me ... If you guys have a website/blog/youtube-channel/etx... let me know I'll put up a promo along with your video ...

So if anyone;'s interested ... lemme know



  1. hey .. how did you get this post ... i jus posted this yesterday in jp forum ...
    i don't mind ... but can ya tell me how ur doin this .. i mean r u usin somethin like rss feeds or some thin




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