Simone Fiorletta: guitar9 interview

Guglielmo Malusardi: Here we are with your third release. You're one musician that comes up with titles for good reasons (and not just you need it to title each song), so let's start with the meaning of "When Reality Is Nothing".

Simone Fiorletta: You know when you're listening to tracks you're particularly linked to, and while listening to them you start travelling through memories, or unexplored places? Well, that's it! I mean this kind of sensation exactly, the power of music carrying one above the everyday reality.

Referring to each track individually, I can tell you that the one entitled "Thanks" is to express my gratitude to my parents. "My Brother", as you can easily guess, was inspired by my brother. "Dance In The City" was composed thinking of all of the times you go out purely for enjoyment. "I Believe In You" was written while my girlfriend was preparing for her thesis and I wanted to show her my support. Her life inspired me on another song, entitled "Loneliness In Your Eyes". I wrote this track when she was having a bad time due to a bereavement. On "Laura", I imagined what my girlfriend would be like if she was a song. "Oh No, Once Again?" is the follow up to "Brawl in A Saloon" (from the album "My Secret Diary"), you know the typical saloon fights you see in the comical movies, don't you!? "Ehy...What's Up?" was composed thinking of the times you see one of your friends particularly happy and instinctively say, "Hey! What have you been up to?"; Finally, I wrote the song titled "Like a Bird" in reference to birds' flight, which is liberating from everything and everyone, as if in that moment you're living and directing you own dream.

Guglielmo Malusardi: Tell us about the creation process, when did you start to compose tracks?

Simone Fiorletta: I started after a few gigs in a trio called "Surfing With Joe", a Satriani cover band. After this experience, I felt the need to write new material for a solo album, which was last October. Since I teach at music school (called Music Station) in the afternoon, I could only work on it in the mornings; despite that the album was ready in a very short time.
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