Daita: fantasia

[The Guitar Emission] Another great guitar instrumental by: Daita with his album: "Euphony" and "Fantasia"

Daita began to study music in his childhood as he played piano for many years. At age 16, he started playing guitar and hoped to one day become a pro. Shortly after, he, Hideki and Natin began college, they started a band named POWER. Daita and Hideki were roommates and after an argument, POWER disbanded and Daita set out on his own. He played in small bands and worked many odd jobs to try to get by, but it wasn't until summer of 1993 that he met back up with his old friends. Together, they formed Siam Shade and in 1994, they were joined by Junji on drums who replaced former member AA. After lots of hard work and releases, Siam Shade became major in 1995.

Siam Shade won the hearts of fans everywhere with their cheerful melodies and deep lyrics as well as their good charity works.Daita was really able to shine and show off his skills, both technical and composing-wise, which grew better and better with each song. In 2002, however, the band mutually decided to disband and embark on solo careers.

On June 19, 2003 Daita's official website opened and his first announcement was the fact that he would be performing with Kyosuke Himuro (ex BOOWY) at Himuro's anniversary concert. Not much later, he yet again performed with Himuro and became his lead guitarist for his fall tour.

Daita left his label, Amuse, at the beginning of 2004 and opened a new official site called D-ISM. A short while later, Daita finally played his first solo live in Shibuya O-EAST on June 28th which later on became a highly sought-after live DVD.

Since then, he's toured with Himuro, and other famous artists, and performed many times as his lead guitarist. In 2005, Daita's amazing guitar skills were recognized as he was invited to tour with many world-renowned professional guitarists (for example Slash from Guns & Roses and Steve Vai), which is a high honor for any artist to receive. He was also the first Japanese musician to be invited.

With so much experience and skill behind him, Daita likes to keep his solo releases and appearances down to a minimum. However, he's always ready to work with any artist that asks him, and is a very down-to-earth musician. There are no talks of a new solo release yet, but maybe '07 will see a new release from him.

Fantasia - Daita [LIVE]