Paul Antonio Ortiz: another chimpspanner in the works fixed

I'm recommending this for that metal core / technical metal sound... subliminal message follows: "BUY THE CD"

As the title says! Fixed sync...hopefully. Guess I won't know until it's uploaded ¬¬ Grrrrrrr......

Anyway, if so, you can find the details of the video in the OTHER playthrough. The one that's out of sync. I guess I'll add them here later. I could really add them now. I don't know why I'm not doing that...

Supererogation Fixed


  1. Fwoaaah! This piece of music is amazing! Hey Mr Monk, have you listened to the rest of the CD? If it's as good as the sample here, I'll buy it!

  2. yes, if you like this then you'l like the album. The Chimpspanner has it down!


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